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নীচের বক্সে বাংলা বা ইংরেজী শব্দ লিখে Meaning বাটনে ক্লিক করুন।

This is an Online English-Bangla (English-Bengali) Dintionary Website. You can type any English or Bengali word in the above text box to search meaning of the word in Bengali and English language.

English Language Dictionaries

  • Searchable and free online dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Merriam-Webster: Free online dictionary and thesaurus with subscription access to an unabridged dictionary.
  • Cambridge Dictionaries Onlines: Free online dictionaries, includes dictionary for English learners, standard English dictionary, idioms dictionary and phrasal verbs dictionary.
  • OneLook: Free dictionary that includes the ability to search with wild cards in place of some letters.
  • Your Dictionary: Free dictionaries that includes definitions, synonyms and usage examples.

International Dictionaries

  • Word Web Online: International dictionary that includes American, British, Canadian and Asian English spellings and words.
  • Macquarie Dictionary: Australian English dictionary with free trial and yearly memberships, updated yearly.
  • New Zealand English: A dictionary of common New Zealand English terms and their American English equivalents.
  • Newfoundland English: Free, searchable dictionary of words and phrases peculiar to Newfoundland and the Canadian coast. Includes definition and history for all entries.
  • Indian English: Searchable dictionary and glossary style list of terms unique to Indian English, but not including terms that originated in India but have made their way into standard English.
  • Digital Dictionaries of South Asia: A searchable dictionary of Anglo-Indian words. Requires a Unicode font: instructions for obtaining one are included.
  • Geordie Dictionary: Dictionary of words used in the “Geordie” dialect, which is spoken in north eastern England.
  • Yorkshire Dicitonary: An alphabetical glossary of terms from the Yorkshire dialect of English.
  • Gullah Dictionary: A glossary style dictionary of terms used by the Gullah, blacks who live in South Carolina and Georgia.

Technical English Dictionaries

  • MedlinePlus: A medical dictionary that supports the use of an asterisk in place of a letters if spelling is unknown.
  • SNIA: Technical dictionary of terms related to storage networking and data and information management.
  • Tech Dictionary: Technical dictionary that includes computer, Internet and telecommunications terms, filename extensions, HTML tags and domain suffixes.
  • Tech Terms: Glossary style dictionary of computer and technology terms organized into several large categories and with search feature.
  • Webopedia: Searchable database of computer and Internet terms.
  • TechEncyclopedia: Searchable database of computer related terms.

Acronym Dictionaries

  • Acronym Finder: Searchable database of over 750,000 acronyms from many different areas of society.
  • Internet Acronyms Dictionary: Glossary style list of Internet acronyms divided by letter.
  • NetLingo: List of acronyms used for text messaging and instant messaging.
  • All Acronyms: Comprehensive collection of acronyms divided by category and letter with search feature.


  • Roget's Thesaurus: Free, searchable version of Roget's Thesaurus from 1911.
  • Visual Thesaurus: Interactive thesaurus that displays words through a visually represented web of related words. Limited free trial after which a subscription is required.
  • Wordsmith: Searchable thesaurus with antonyms in addition to synonyms.
  • Phrase Thesaurus: Search for phrases related to a word rather than just synonyms. Free trial available after which a subscription is required.


  • Encyclopedia Brittannica: Online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica that requires a membership subscription to access most of the articles.
  • Enotes: A set of browsable encyclopedias divided up by subjects, including history, business, science and science and religion.
  • Online encyclopedia featuring information from published reference volumes. Subscription required to access to most content.
  • Infoplease: Free online access to articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.
  • World Book Encyclopedia: Online version of World Book Encyclopedia, requires subscription to access.


  • Cha-Cha: Encyclopedic service that offers answers to questions through a live answering service that can be used on mobile phones with text messaging.
  • Word Reference: Translation and definition dictionary, includes English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.
  • Beolingus: German dictionary that includes German-English, German-Spanish and German-Portuguese translations.
  • The Century Dictionary: An online version of a 100 year old dictionary, useful for looking up historic words. Requires the free DjVu plug-in to search and view.
  • Dictionary of Americanisms: An online version of a dictionary of American colloquialisms from 1848.
  • Rhyme Zone: Dictionary that allows searches for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, rhymes and homonyms.
  • Onelook Reverse Dictionary: Search for words by a concept or definition.
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